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Are you already in Bocas del Toro and do you prefer to speak to someone direct to ask questions about the tour? we work together with businesses in and around Isla Bastimentos. Our friends at the places below will be able to assist you with booking one of our tours.


The Sea Monkey. With two over-water bungalows and a restaurant, this is the place to eat and stay on Bastimentos. The owners, Ryan and Stacy are like family and we work hard on making each others life better and our businesses thrive. Are office is located inside of The Sea Monkey Restaurant, so please feel free to stop by to ask about our tours, have breakfast or dinner at the amazing restaurant or just come by for a drink.

Palmar Beach Lodge is also located on Isla Bastimentos, but a little outside of town on Red Frog Beach. With a dorm, luxury tents and the newly added bungalows, it truly offers something for everyone. This is also where we stop at the end of the jungle tour for a happy hour drink. 

Bambuda Lodge is rated the best hostel in Panama by Hostelworld and this achievment doesn't even do it justice. It's way more then a hostel, with its exquisite food, friendly staff, a 150ft waterslide and dorms and private cabins, young and old can enjoy this beautiful place on Isla Solarte. The best hostel in Panama obvioulsy works with the best tour operator in Panama, Bastimentos Alive.

Twin Fin Hostel

This new but already well regarded hostel is located just outside of Bocas town. It's relaxed atmosphere, awesome staff, 

Just like us, 'Bubba's House' is located on Isla Bastimentos. Since our foundation, the 'Bubba's House' family has helped us in ways you can't imagine and for that we are forever grateful.

If you haven't already booked your stay on isla Bastimentos, than we highly recommend 'Bubba's House' as your home during your time here.

They will also inform and help you on booking your tour with us.

Info Center, Bocas del Toro, like the name implies, is your go to office for all the information you need about Bocas del Toro. it is located on the main road in Bocas Town, right across from restaurant Chitre.  Their friendly staff will help you with anything you need, including booking your tour with us.