President of Panama on Isla Bastimentos

On Tuesday 15 March, the President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela was lucky enough to visit the most beautiful part of Panama, Isla Bastimentos. 

The representative of Isla Bastimentos, Ashburn Dixon, invited his good friend to pay a visit to Bastimentos to open the new infoplaza, discuss several important issues and show him around on our beautiful island. Of course the president could not refuse such an offer and finally on the 15th of March this day arrived.

Throughout the last few months, a non-profit organization called Give and Surf has been working there butts off building, painting and preparing the infoplaza for this visit. The result: a community center for kids and adults where they can learn, play and educate themselves and others in important skills behind the computer.

In the President's speech he promised, among other things, to improve the water and sewage problem, deliver a boat ambulance and to build a new basketball court.

Juan Carlos (I can call him by his first name), thank you for your visit and see you soon (to address all the other issues that still need solving on Bastimentos). Maybe you can join me on one of the Bastimentos Alive tours next time you're here. 

Also a big shout out to Give and Surf for all the good they do for the island's community!